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Child Support

Child support is a common topic that comes up with our clients.  We often work for mother and fathers where one party has significant wage from the mining industry and there is some dispute regarding how much should be paid or reaching alternative agreements.  There are other options for child support then going through the […]

The FVRO Court Process The FVRO Court Process

The FVRO Court Process

Understanding the Court process for applying and obtaining Family Violence Restraining Order can be tricky.  There are important Court dates and processes that you must understand to ensure your safety.  Below is a summary of the step by step process:  Make your application in your local Magistrates Court  To do so, you need to complete an application and affidavit and […]

Everything You Need To Know About Undertakings Fixed Fee Consent Orders

Everything You Need To Know About Undertakings

After you have been granted an interim Family Violence Restraining Order (FVRO), your ex-partner (known as the Respondent), may object to Order.  In attempting to resolve the matter without a restraining order, the Respondent, their lawyer, or the Court may suggest the Respondent enter into an Undertaking. This means removing the restraining order and replacing […]