Parenting plan


Parenting Order for a fixed fee. Reached a parenting agreement with your ex? You can formalise in a parenting plan or a Consent Order. Parenting plan- $800 ($100 deposit). 

Deposit : $100.00 Per item



Parenting plan /Parenting Consent Order

Reached an agreement regarding parenting with your ex? Good stuff.  You can formalise in a parenting plan or a Consent Order and we can assist you do it yourself or we can do it for you.  This product is for those wanting to provide all of the detail and have a lawyer prepare.  If you really aren’t sure what option is best for you, book in for a free 15 minute discussion here and we can explain in more detail.

What next?

It is important to formalise any agreement so each party knows their rights and responsibilities.  A parenting plan is a flexible document that sets out the co parenting plan.  It can be changed between the parties when circumstances change without the need of going to Court to amend Orders.  The only potential downside of a parenting plan is that it is not legally enforceable by the Court.  A parenting plan may therefore not be suitable for some parties especially those experiencing high conflict.  In those scenarios, a Consent order, which is binding may be better suited.  You can purchase here

If you aren’t sure, we recommend you book in for a fixed fee initial consult here and we can give advice on your proposal and what would be way to finalise. You’ll receive a $100 discount on either product you decide to use.

What we do?

We can assist in drafting your parenting plan for a fixed fee.  You and your ex will then need to sign the agreement.

Who we help?

People living across Australia who have reached an agreement regarding parenting matters.

How does it work?

Upon purchasing this product, you will receive a questionnaire in which you provide all the details required for us to commence preparing your parenting plan.

We will then send a further questionnaire for you to complete as to the care arrangements you have reached  with your ex.

Once finalised, we will send to you a draft parenting plan.  We can offer one free revision of the document of something is not quite right.  Further revisions are charge depending on complexity but typically are $80 per revision.

You will then have your parenting plan ready for signing.  The plan can be easily amended if things change.