Corporate Governance Lawyers

Corporate Governance directly shapes the actions of businesses and how they control and balance numerous stakeholder interests. Book a free consultation with our corporate governance law experts.


We assist with a number of corporate governance matters

With corporate governance roles varying widely between states and impacting tax obligations, we actively advocate for the adoption of new systems of governance and the development of robust practices.

We have worked closely with boards of directors, company secretaries and governance officers to deliver trusted and practical advice which includes the advising of recent developments and current practice in company law, the execution of secretarial tasks and the implementation and maintenance of effective governance policies and procedures.

What our corporate governance lawyer can help you with:

Secretarial functions

including minute taking, board pack preparation, delegating actions, preparing resolutions


establishing compliance registers, undertaking compliance audits, meeting ORIC and ASIC requirements


Governance including board training, strategic planning, developing training and induction packs for new Boards, membership policies. Contact our corporate governance lawyer today.

Policy development

developing policies across a broad base, including dispute resolution, related party benefits, procurement and membership in consideration of the Rule Book, and advising on implementation.

Rule book review

performing a rule book health check and making recommendations for Rulebook amendments to make it work for your members and organisation.


assist your Eligible Trustee company in its reporting and other requirements under the Trust Deeds and sub fund.

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