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Few areas of law involve more distress than that of family and divorce law. We’re passionate about resolving family conflict with compassion and guiding you to make the right decisions for you and your family’s future. Schedule an appointment with our family lawyers in Karratha, Pilbara.

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We believe that, during a family separation, the stress it brings should not be made worse by high legal fees. Part of our purpose, and more importantly, our strategy, is a fierce commitment to resolve conflict in an amicable, timely and cost-effective manner.

Your input and opinion are central in determining how we proceed, with an initial appointment allowing us to better understand and explore individual circumstances before planning a unique and accelerated approach to move forward and achieve your desired outcomes.

Areas of family law we are able to provide caring help with:


Reaching an agreement regarding care of the children is an important first step when people separate to avoid conflict, confusion and upset to the children.


If you have recently separated, it is important you resolve separation of financials sooner rather then later.


Married couples that have been separated for 12 months can apply for a divorce to formally end their marriage.


We can assist with other family law matters such family violence, planning for separation and pre nuptial agreement.

Financial Division

At Francis and Associates Pty Ltd, we’re focused on achieving fast-tracked results and providing expert advice on financial separation, gravitating towards dispute resolution, mediation and just allocation of resources as an alternative to the matter escalating to court. This allows both parties to avoid considerable stress and safeguards much needed resources to be preserved for better use.

In the unlikely event when an agreement cannot be reach and the event escalates to Court, we’ll be at your side to guide you through your preparations and advise you on your rights and responsibilities in relation to orders, appeals, duty of disclosure and subpoenas.

Already reached agreement with you ex partner?

Thats great. We can assist you to formalise your agreement for a fixed fee of just $995 plus GST. Learn more here. If you have reached agreement but want to ensure it is fair, we suggest you book in for an initial consult before drafting the agreement.


Francis and Associates Pty Ltd understands that the end of a relationship impacts both parents and families. Clarity surrounding co-parenting roles following separation is crucial to minimise fallout for vulnerable family members.

The establishment of an agreement that prioritises your children and their welfare is our sole focus. We are able to counsel you on your options and prepare easy to follow agreements and orders that cover all occasions.

Should agreement be unattainable, we will assist you in taking action in the Family Court of Western Australia, with our lawyers having significant experience assisting clients with relocation applications and in situations of domestic violence.

Reached an agreement?

We can prepare a parenting plan or Consent Order for a fixed price here.  Not sure which one? We recommend you book in for a fixed fee initial consult and we will give you advise as to which would be most suitable for your situation.


If you have been seperated for 12 months from your spouse, you can apply for a divorce. We assist with preparing divorce applications for a fixed fee. Book in for a free 15 minute consult here.

Prefer to do it yourself?

We have created a do it yourself divorce course for just $60. The course teaches you all you need to know to prepare, file, serve and finalise your own divorce. You can view it here.

Thinking of separating

If you are facing a potential separation or thinking of leaving and want to know your rights and responsibilities, it is recommended you have an initial family law consult to learn more about your path forward. We also sell e Books setting out the entire process for both parenting and financial matters that you can purchase here

Domestic Violence

Having a solicitor who understands the complexities of family law and domestic violence is important for people leaving abusive partners.  Domestic violence adds a different layer to family law matters.  People in these situations are often broken, exhausted and struggling to break free from their ex partner.  It can be hard to make decisions when in this situation and that’s why its crucial to have a lawyer who understands the difficulty and pressure faced.

Whether you have already left your partner, or you are planning on leaving your abuser, we will provide you with the right information.  We can assist with Restraining Order application, Victims of Crime Compensation and urgent family law matters.

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