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Francis and Associates Lawyers have years of experience assisting clients with drafting Wills and powers of attorney as well as assisting when a loved one has passed.

What best describes your situation?

Will lawyers


You need a Will or have a Will that might need updating.


Power of Attorney & Guardianship

You want to appoint someone to look after your affairs if you were to lose capacity.

Deceased Estate

You have been appointed an executor of a Will or recently lost a loved one who didn’t have a Will.


Creating a Will minimises tensions between survivors and provides you sole discretion over the division and transition of your assets. In situations where individuals pass away and fail to have a valid Will, incorrect asset allocation of belongings, including real estate, cars or family heirlooms, can be heartbreaking and costly for families. We’re passionate about estate planning and creating a Will suitable for your needs and the needs of others you leave behind.

We can prepare your Will in person or over the phone for a fixed fee of $440 (inc GST). Book an appointment with our will lawyer.

The benefits of our advice include:

Reduce likelihood of another individual contesting or challenging your Will.

Provide advice on implementing measures to ensure your Will is binding and you estate is distributed how you desire.

Preparing a Will you understand without the legal jargon.

Ensure your loved ones are provided for in the way you wish.

Ensure you have considered all necessary matters including care of minor children's, funerals, debts and so on

Enduring Power of Attorneys

An Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) and Enduring Power of Guardianship (EPG) allows you to appoint someone you trust to make certain decisions on your behalf should you no longer be able to do so.

An EPA and an EPG is different to a Will and comes into effect when you are alive whereas a Will only takes effect after you have passed.

EPA and EPG are very important documents especially for people managing businesses and extensive financial affairs.

We can help you consider the need for each document for your circumstances and consider the right person to appoint.

We charge a fixed price of $150 (inc GST) for an EPA or EPG or you can have both prepared for $250.

Why do I need an EPA and/or EPG?

To ensure someone is legally allowed to make decisions for regarding your care and medical matters should you lose capacity. Losing capacity could arise from a head injury, dementia or Alzheimers.

If you travel overseas on a holiday and require a person at home to manage your financial affairs.

If you run a business (especially as sole trader or sole director/shareholder) and need someone to be able to carriage of your business while you are unable to to do so.

To prevent your loved one having to go through the lengthy process to be appointed as your decision maker should you unexpectedly lose capacity.

Enduring Guardianship and Power of Attorney

Estate Administration

The loss of a loved one can induce great emotion and pain. We can assist with easing the burden and resolving all matters related to estate administration such as bank account closure and property ownership so that your family can focus on what really matters.

We’re experienced at delivering comprehensive advice to an Executor of a Will, preparing and lodging an application for a Letter of Administration or a Grant of Probate or advising family members on the proposed distribution of an Estate and payment of beneficiaries.

Our involvement also prevents errors and offers peace of mind for the correct administration of estate and asset management. In situations where executors fail to act in the best interest of beneficiaries, individuals are held personally

Estate Disputes and Claims

Making a claim on an estate If you have recently lost a loved one or someone you were dependent on and discovered you are not a beneficiary of their Will, you may wish to make a claim for provision.

It is important you seek legal advice early as there are strict time frames for taking such action and such claims can often be settled by negotiation.

Book an appointment with our expert lawyer for a fixed fee of $220 to determine if you have the right to make a claim and how to start negotiations.

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